Zolo Gaucho Select Chardonnay 2009Zolo Gaucho Select 2009, Argentina


Our experience is that many of the South American unoaked Chardonnays lean towards harsh and not in a crisp, refreshing way. Let's just say it -- they present a tone that, if I'd ever spoken to my mother in that tone, there'd be no limit to the heights of her ... um ... annoyance. Wound up, she'd fill the doorway to my room and spit out a barrage of pent-up complaints, each beginning with "...AND another thing..." Shrill. Harsh. Ouch. I avoided presenting anything with " a tone," lest she exhaust herself from the ... um .... outpouring.

Well sing it, dear readers. This wine pours it on without crossing into the harshlands. It's crisp. It has a bite (more like a nibble, really), and in a way that delights the senses without a touch of annoyance. It's a little edgy, in a spirited way. Unless you don't like edgy, in which case, this wine wouldn't be for you.

We liked it, though. We like that the grapes are sustainably farmed. We like that it's only $11 from an online retailer, too.

-- Argentina

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