Yellow Tail Tree Free Chardonnay 2009, AustraliaYellow Tail Tree Free Chardonnay 2009


Comme ci, comme ca

We were in the market when a young lady overheard our mention of the word "unoaked." She turned to her gentleman companion and said, "Honey, that's like the wine we had last night at mother's. It was an 'unoaked' wine. It was good! What was the name of it again...? Oh yes! Yellow Tail."

So given that I have no real control skills in the area of good manners, I sneered. "Yellow Tail? An unoaked? From the company that put the 'eeuwuh' into Chardonnay everywhere? Not Yellow Tail. I don't think so."

The young lady, while smiling cheerfully (excellent control skills), politely said, "Oh yes. Definitely Yellow Tail. They make an unoaked wine. Look for it!" And so we did.

The brand's usual Chardonnay has been served to us often enough at gatherings that we are aware of why it has such a bad reputation. And it's been served often enough that we wonder why people keep buying it. We certainly don't.

But their "tree-free" Chardonnay? We thought it was thoroughly and completely acceptable. Nothing more. Better than their regular Chardonnay -- way better than that -- but not what you'd call great. We wouldn't hunt it down (again), but we wouldn't refuse a pour, either. It was, how shall we say? Good enough.

Tom found this at a grocery store and neglected to save the receipt, so I don't know what he paid. It was modestly priced. Also, it didn't have a vintage listed, but we're guessing 2009. Just a guess. Pretty good guess, though.

-- Australia

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