Wyatt Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaWyatt Chardonnay 2010


This serves as a reminder -- just because you didn't enjoy one vintage doesn't mean that another vintage won't be delicious. Such is the case with this wine.

For us, it was the 2007 wine which we drank in 2009. Oak. Oak, oak, oak, and we didn't like it. Someone surely liked it, but not us, being that we're fans in the unoaked camp.

But when we saw this on the shelf we said to each other, "Let's give it another try." We gritted our teeth in anticipation of that smarmy, toasted vanilla flavor we so dislike and were delighted to find -- instead -- a fresh, lively, lovely beverage. The sort we would buy again. The sort we would share with friends!

We still love the label. It's so simple and pretty. We just wish it would say "unoaked" somewhere on the label. Share the good news! Don't be shy! Enjoy.

-- California

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