Windsor Oaks Chardonnay Unoaked 2010Windsor Oaks Chardonnay Unoaked 2010


Comme ci, comme ca

Here we go again, the war that goes "You're wrong." "No, YOU'RE wrong."

Thin crust or thick crust? Shall we take the motorcycle or the car? Do we buy the 24" or 30" refrigerator? (You'd think the answer would be obvious.) Will it be The Dolphins or a new episode of "Harry's Law?" (You'd think the answer would be obvious.)

And this is before we've even started on politics!

So this wine landed in that zone. I thought it was delicious. Full, round (whuh?) wonderfully pourable. Tom thought it was ho-hum. I actually said that to him -- "Whuh?" I thought he was being bossy-pants because he'd won the refrigerator discussion, but no. He simply wasn't impressed.

A few days later (calm evening) we chilled and drank the second bottle. Surely he would see ... but no, he did not. For him the flavor just fell flat. For me, it was still delicious. ("Fine, then it's mine!")

We bought our bottles from an Act Now online purveyor (Thank you, Wine Spies) for about $23 each, not including shipping, which may be moot because the company only produced 190 cases, and it could be gone by now! (Nooooooo!)

-- California

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