Whitecliff Vineyards Chardonnay 2010, New YorkWhitecliff Vineyards Chardonnay 2010


This is one of those times when, if we hadn't been on the road, we might have attempted to finagle our way into the event.

We don't live in a wine producing area, so we've never been anywhere close to a vineyard-hosted party. These folks, they were getting ready for something special and it seemed they expected a crowd. The tents were set amidst the acres of vines, the air was crisp, you could just imagine fairy lights adding their nighttime magic. Really? We wanted to finagle an invitation.

But we were on the road, just passing through and in a hurry to make our way, so there would be no out-of-town party for us that evening. Instead, we enjoyed brunch at a charming restaurant while waiting for the vineyard's tasting room to open. Then we scored a couple of bottles (about $14 each) for our own party.

We aren't too humble to admit, we throw a very nice party, even (and most especially) when it's just for ourselves. Always fun when there is a lovely wine like this one to enjoy. Rich in the best ways, flavorful, lovely for company, even great for a quiet evening at home. Cheers!

-- New York

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