Wine from Trader Joe's: Green Fin Chardonnay Organic, Green Fin Table White Organic and Trader Joe's Coastal ChardonnayTrader Joe's Coastal 2013 Chardonnay

Green Fin 2013 Chardonnay Organic

Green Fin  2013 Table White Organic


So everyone's all like "Trader Joe's is coming, Trader Joe's is coming!" And we're all like, "Oh, just what we need in the neighborhood. Another supermarket!"

Except Trader Joe's isn't really a supermarket. It does harken to the grocery stores of our youth (in a good, folksy, friendly, no frills kind of way), which one must enter with an open mind for the evening's meal because whatever you bought and loved last week may not be there this week. Something about "deals" and "limited supplies". Whatever.

As to the groceries, there are some pretty good deals. And we'll go the extra few blocks to get the frozen, wild caught jumbo scallops from US waters because they are freaking fabulous!

But to the wine, no Two-Buck Chuck for us. We spare no expense. The Green Fin Table White* ($4) leans towards sweet, but it's only in the 11% range for alcohol, which is appreciated when you want a light touch. Green Fin Chardonnay ($5) and Trader Joe's Coastal Chardonnay ($5) both hang a little more on the mineral edge, but the fruit is still there. The alcohol content is in the 13% range.

Best cheap wine we've ever enjoyed and let us add, in a blind taste test most people probably wouldn't recognize them as cheap. Serve with confidence.

*Although not a Chardonnay, we included the Green Fin Table White because when it comes to Trader Joe's, you always need a backup plan.

-- California

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