Tolosa No Oak 2011 Chardonnay


This is no Domaine de Deux par Quatre. Non! Says so right on the label, right out front, boldly, proudly, "No Oak"!

Thank you! Why make unoaked-loving customers work so hard for such important information? Scouring bottles front and back, asking the (frequently) uninformed clerks, photographing bottles and then checking the internet. Jeesh!

This is how it should be done -- a lovely, understated label filled with all the relevant information. House. Style. Vintage. Yes!

Inside the bottle? Smooth, refreshingly fruit-forward (can't believe we're succumbing to the use of reviewer lingo, but it is fruit forward), delicous for every occasion. It's that kind of wine.

We received this wine for review, but it's available online retail for $21. "Let's get this party started!"

-- California

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