Toad Hollow "Francine's Selection" Unoaked Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaToad Hollow "Francine's Selection" 2010


Interceptions that alter the journey -- first day to a new school and seeing that cute boy on the bus you almost missed, the boy with the big smile, and thinking "ooo." Or reluctantly accepting a temp job to fill in for the absentee typist and ending up with a career in broadcast advertising.

Or strolling this aisle in the market instead of that aisle and chancing upon the whimsical label on a bottle that would change everything at the table and inspire a festive hobby, too, for myself and the cute boy from the bus.

We all have a million diversions from the path, some good, some not, this one definitely a pleasure. We continue to enjoy this wine. It improves from year to year, bursting with flavor while delivering a crisp, clean edge. It's still a delicious value ($11 to $13, depending), and it's always just the right thing to serve. It's even been known to convert Chardonnay drinkers into unoaked-only Chardonnay drinkers. We understand completely. -- Enjoy!

-- California

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