The Seeker Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaThe Seeker Chardonnay 2010


Comme ci, comme ca

Tom is a carpenter and has a small home remodeling and repair company. He's good at his job, has been successful at his job, but I should have seen early on, he REALLY wants to own a fruit stand. Something about the interaction with customers and selling colorful food appeals to him.

During the early years he sold produce off the back of his pickup, or at a stand in front of our rental house to supplement our meager, young-marrieds income. He seeks out farmer's markets when we're on vacation to see how they're managed.

Now, we grow fruits and veggies, and have hens for fresh eggs for our family, but whenever Tom is in the mood, he pulls a cart (a charming cart that he built with repurposed materials) to the end of the driveway and sells the surplus.

The financial benefit can't provide movie tickets, but it does have a name: Mango Money.

Sometimes I ask for Mango Money and hit the shops to see if there is a new unoaked to try. Recently I was drawn to this bottle because I am nothing if not a sucker for a darling label.

Purchased for $14 in Mango Money, after a chill and a pour I thought this wine was bright and delicious. Tom -- after giving it every opportunity -- thought it had a bitter and unpleasant afternote.

So we'll keep looking, and we'll keep looking after the garden, maybe with an eye to spending our golden years in the produce business.

-- California

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