The Divining Rod 2010, CaliforniaThe Divining Rod 2010


We spent the day antique shopping through some fine and grubby places, hoping to find something that would become the centerpiece for the kitchen in our summer cottage. We didn't find anything.

But on the way home, we popped into a delightful market and did find just what we needed -- an unoaked Chardonnay with a label we had never encountered. A perfect day!

We love what the company wrote on their website, that the harvest produced such "amazing quality" that they skipped the barrels. Yes, people, that's what we're talking about!

Smooth and with just a hint of lemon, they made the right choice.

We bought the wine for $17.50. It costs more than that at the producer's online checkout, but the shop we were in isn't afraid to mark upwards, so we think it's possible that you'll run across it for less. Don't miss it, unoaked lover.

-- California

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