The Climber Chardonnay 2010The Climber Chardonnay 2010, California


It's official. There is now a smooth, flavorful, refreshing no-bottle wine to serve with pride -- perfect for summertime picnics, pool parties, hiking, train trips, or chilling on the patio. Whatever your no-bottle requirements might be, this is a real alternative to either the bottle or [shudder] boxed wine.

And we bet there isn't an unoaked Chardonnay lover out there who could engage in a blind taste test and spot that this wine poured from alternative packaging. In our experience? That's a first.

We've dabbled in boxed wines before (technically, this is a pouch, not a box), but we've been disappointed by the experiences. In one instance, we thought we had a flavorful boxed wine (Tetra-pak'd) and when it was good, it was very good. But when it went bad -- and it did so with frequency because the spouts would loosen in the shipping -- it went really, really bad. Like, could put one off of ever drinking wine again, bad.

Not us, but some people.

This wine is easy-drinking, it's new, it's environmentally friendly, the packaging is sturdy, it comes from the people who make our favorite Clif bars and it will be readily available in markets (if it isn't already in yours) soon.

In the meantime, it's available online and each $17 (not including shipping) pouch holds two bottles worth of unoaked Chardonnay. So it's convenient, delicious, and a value. That makes it perfect for anytime.

-- California

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