Sorelle Per Sempre Un-Oaked Chardonnay 2011, CaliforniaSorelle per Sempre "Three Sisters" 2011


After days of listening to the roar from some sort of Caterpillar tractor thing (a giant backhoe with a fingered-bucket) as it lifted the rocks that would become the front terrace, it was on a beautiful evening that we got to pull up the chairs, sit on the new, beautiful entry to the cottage, and pour some wine.

As we contemplated planting lavender, hydrangea and roses, the first word that came with the first sips was "Yummy!" It was an apt description. A nice balance of flavor, smooth at the edges, you know, yummy!

The perfect beverage to celebrate a major step forward in the building of our summer home. (How many summers has it been ...?)

We found this lovely wine at a fine shop and picked it up for just $13.50. So not just yummy, not just delicious, but also a value. Pour!

-- California

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