Simply Naked Unoaked Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaSimply Naked Unoaked Chardonnay 2010


There we were of a Sunday afternoon in New Jersey with a little time to kill. Lo and behold, there was a wine and spirits shop! It was open (on a Sunday?). We went in. As we browsed the aisles looking for a little something maybe not available in our South Florida neighborhood, we spied that magic word: "Unoaked."


Then other words crowded our vision -- Pinot and Cabernet and Merlot -- but no Chardonnay? Could that be right? That couldn't be right. If someone goes to the trouble to avoid oak, they also took the trouble to avoid oak when playing with Chardonnay grapes, too, right?

But we merely had to move our eyes downward to the case at the bottom of the stack and there was the magic code "Chard." Oh happy Sunday! A New-To-Us Chardonnay! And at that precise moment, a shop employee happened by. He cheerfully took a moment and the energy to release those bottles from the bottom. We collected two and suggested that he put the rest on display, front and center. "They'll sell," we promised. And we were off to check-out (at about $10 per -- sweet!)

Very bright with citrus, but simply balanced. Enjoyed at our final destination, it was perfect under the pines and stars on a crisp Maine evening. We don't know how the No Oak plays with the company's other wines (and bold of them to save a tree and try), but it certainly works in this one. Enjoy!

-- California

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