Serbal Chardonnay 2011 from ArgentinaSerbal Chardonnay 2011

Comme ci, comme ca

Tom spent weeks in Maine making great progress on our summer cottage. The roof was completed (rounded steel, Quonset hut-like, interior and exterior with insulation in between), all the electric and plumbing was installed, cabinets and various homemaking items had arrived, arrangements had been made for the next steps. It was a lot of work.

I stayed home for most of it because when it comes to building things, I am -- how shall we say -- in the way. Most particularly when the building is occurring in a one-room cottage.

It was a happy day when I arrived, though! Spectacular weather, joy at the progress, and finally, finally getting to be with Tom. In all our 40+ years, we hadn't been apart for so long and being apart isn't something we enjoy. For more than a day or two.

When he picked me up at the station, I knew something was wrong.

"I'm just tired."

"I can believe that, but ... it's something else."

"I'm just tired."

Later, after sitting for dinner at a restaurant. Tom left the table while waiting for our order and when he returned, he was shaking so hard I thought his teeth would crack. Fever.

We stopped at the pharmacy for a thermometer and aspirin. He had soup. He slept. In the morning I saw a spot on his shoulder. "It's nothing," he said. I dashed to the computer while considering that he was having a recurrence of shingles, which had smacked him dangerously hard some time ago.

Fast forward to welts appearing all over him. While in the ER we learned that he had Lyme disease which, fortunately, was caught early.

He responded immediately to the treatment. The doctor was really helpful (he called personally to check on Tom's progress!), and follow-up with our family doctor is all good news.

That was our summer in Maine, one we'd prefer not to repeat.

To the wine we found? It was, as Tom described it, "stingy." I might have thought residual Lyme was influencing his taste, but I've never had Lyme and thought it was the perfect description -- like it was holding back on the fruit. The first pour was nice and then it ran straight down to nothing at the bottom of the hill.

We picked it up at a lovely wine shop for about $14. We won't be repeating.

-- Argentina

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