Schild Estate Barossa Unwooded Chardonnay 2011, AustraliaSchild Estate Barossa Unwooded 2011


It happens on occasion that the wine simply doesn't match the label. It's none of our business, of course, but as customers we are drawn or not to what might pop off the shelf and demand our attention.

We would have passed this because of that nano-second when "harsh" and "unyielding" entered the subconscious thanks to the label. Fortunately, thanks to the label, the word "unwooded" simultaneously jumped into view, and so we had ourselves a new project.

Yea for us!

But the label? It doesn't express anything near the simple and friendly goodness within. The label says "Security" and "Lock Down", while the wine clearly says, "Yes, please, I believe I will enjoy another pour, thank you very much."

Light, but fruit full and easy drinking of a quiet evening or a raucous affair. (We shared it with folks during a raucous-ish evening and it was heartily approved by all.)

At under $11 from a high-end market, we think that makes it especially delicious. Enjoy!

-- Australia

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