River Road Un-Oaked 2011 ChardonnayRiver Road Un-Oaked Chardonnay 2011


We hit the wall. Not when it came to looking for delicious unoaked Chardonnays, but the wall suddenly arose when it came to sitting in front of the computer and fussing with the software involved with sharing the news.

Don't get us wrong -- we love sharing the news and I'm generally pleased to use the software that allows us to share. But sometimes one must step back and say, "Enough."  Sometimes one must take a breath and a break.

Others go on vacation. We've done that. But this time we sat on the porch and watched the chickens scratch up the yard.

With lovely, chilled pours of unoaked Chardonnay, of course. Yes, please!

This has been the perfect partner during Slacker Time, found in the aisle of our local Big Box Monument To Alcohol for a reasonable $12 each. Fruity, friendly, uncomplicated, relaxing, not too sweet, not too dry ... easy to share with company or enjoy any time.

(Went back and bought a case. Then went back and bought another case. And tomorrow we'll probably pick up another case ...)

We're back.

-- California

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