Five ounces of wine

equals one serving

When Wee-Lee said she had a hangover after "just two glasses," she needed reminding that those were really, really big wine glasses. She had probably enjoyed three-quarters of a bottle on an empty stomach in less than an hour. And when a petite little thing like empty-stomach'd Wee-Lee drinks a big ol' bottle o', she should expect some hurtin'.

And no. She wasn't driving.

Please drink responsibly. Anything else just takes all the fun out of it.

Comme ci, comme ca

Delicious! is obvious, but Tom asked, why comme ci, comme ca? (Actually he asked, "What the hell does that mean?") It's just something my mom used to say when she didn't want to hurt our feelings. Gave some je ne sais quoi to "meh." She waggled her hand with fingers spread while saying it, too.

Do you produce an unoaked Chardonnay?

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It's good to be young

It's our observation that younger is better when it comes to unoaked Chardonnay. We probably wouldn't purchase a wine more than two years past unless we were certain of its provenance.

It's fall 2011 at the time of this writing, and we recently saw an unoaked Chardonnay from 2005 on the shelf of a fine shop where the hot afternoon South Florida sun shone through the window, settling directly on the rack. Bad shopkeeper. Bad!

We had shared a Delicious! review of that label (but of a different vintage) and maybe someone buys that old, well-heated bottle and correctly exclaims, "Yuck". Our credibility disappears right along with the winemaker's, who does produce a great wine. Really aggravating to see that train wreck in progress.

Pay attention to the vintage, pay attention to the surrounds.

(Update: by spring of 2012, that fine shop was closed.)

The Photos

The photos in our reviews are a creative extension of the photos we took to remind ourselves of which wines we had already tried. They are not a reflection of our opinion of the wine. We try not to spend more than four minutes on any image. As our personal list evolved into a blog, a few rules emerged:

No people.

No toys or items that say "children."

No vehicles or power tools.

No prop repeats.

No taking ourselves too seriously.

We hope you enjoy the photos of the many, many unoaked Chardonnays that we've enjoyed (and even the few that we didn't, mmm, not so much).

The Screw Cap

Gigi D of Miami has it on good authority that to properly open a screw capped bottle of wine (and there is nothing wrong with screw caps, is our opinion), you don't twist the cap to open. Rather, you hold the cap and twist the bottle.

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