Portillo Chardonnay 2010Portillo Chardonnay 2010, Argentina


We recently went to our niece's graduation party. Everyone was in the pool, playing volleyball, playing chase, much splashing for sheer fun, and that's where they would be, of course. Our niece was on the swim team.

You know who looks the best among all the kids in school? Those swim team kids. We never saw such a gathering of fit, happy, glowing young people as these. You want healthy children? Forget all those other rock'em, knock'em sports. Keep them fit and exhausted: sign them up for the swim team. That's our unsolicited advice for today.

Polite, bright, fresh, dignified, smart (now we're talking about the wine) -- what a lovely guest to bring to a party! Or forget the party and just drink it at home of a lovely evening, with dinner, with a good book, with a rock'em, knock'em movie or while floating gently around the pool.

We bought this for $8 on sale at the supermarket, and for $11 not on sale at a high end, nearly nationwide food market. At either price, it's a wildly delicious value. Enjoy!

-- Argentina

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