Porta Select Reserva 2009, ChilePorta Select Reserva 2009


Comme ci, comme ca

The Big Box Monument To Alcohol (among the spirits, they are totally about wine, Dude) tagged this wine as unoaked. We take them at their word because there is nothing on the label or at the website to indicate an unoaked history. But since we didn't taste any oak, we forge ahead.

Truth is, this wine took a moment to present any taste at all. Maybe the vintage is too young at the time of this writing, and we laughed that it was playing shy and coy. Into the second pour it finally introduced itself as something nice.

But just nice. It resembles the person at the dinner table who smiles often, but doesn't add to the conversation, and who whispers with that smile when answering a direct question. It was nice. Wouldn't say flavorful, but we enjoyed it. Enough.

It was $12 at the Big Box Monument To Alcohol, so that's nice, too.

-- Chile

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