Phebus Chardonnay 2010 Un-Oaked, ArgentinaPhebus Chardonnay 2010 Un-Oaked


When did everything become so complicated? All the modern advances were presented as systems to improve our lives and give us the freedom to enjoy the simple pleasures.

And yet, there is no pleasure in having meals interrupted by incessant tweets, or spending an entire weekend backing up digital files, or by having strangers in a conference call magically erupt on the answering machine in the next room because the technology of radio signals crossed.

Okay, actually that last part was perversely cool. Fortunately the callers weren't making plans for anyone to be hurt, but the language...! Someone send them a bar of soap!

Simple. We all just want a moment of simple and this award-winning wine brings it on with an intensely delicious, but uncomplicated flavor, a simply elegant label and a shockingly easy price at nine bucks from a Big Box Monument to Alcohol. So simple.

-- Argentina

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