Pellegrini Brothers Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaPellegrini Brothers Chardonnay 2010


We were pleased to see a new label from the Pellegrini family, such good experiences we've enjoyed from multiple vintages of their unoaked Chardonnay (orange) label.

Front or back, the labels don't announce oakless anything, but "unoaked" was written on the shelf-talker, so the tasting was a go.

I thought it was a little oaky (or something ... toasted hazelnut?), while Tom thought it was lovely. Observing -- again -- that the label didn't make any promises to us, I went back to the store and quizzed the shopkeeper, who then got onto the phone to his regional rep, who promised that it's unoaked.

I thought, well, maybe it was me, something I'd eaten that day, so I bought another bottle. (Crazy, right? "I don't like it, let's try it again...")

We chilled, we poured, we chilled out. THAT was the wine we were looking for, or rather, that I was looking for. Tom had it all along. Yummy!

Eleven bucks at our local purveyor. Love the stand-out graphics.

-- California

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