Passaggio New Generation 2013 Unoaked ChardonnayPassaggio New Generation 2013 Unoaked Chardonnay


We have a good friend who invited all of her friends and family to watch her perform stand-up on an open mike night at a local comedy club.

"Open Mike Night." That's when non-professional comics stand before an audience with a plan to make people laugh. And when it works -- fabulous! And when it doesn't? Oh my groan.

Imagine the courage of spirit it would take to potentially subject one's self to ridicule. Strangers? Yeah. Maybe. But your best mates and family? Who might never be able to look you in the eye again? Tom and I agreed that we got shivers just thinking about it. People do, though, they get on that stage and bare it all because they just have a passion for comedy.

When we came home after watching our friend completely nail it, watching her dish out gems of comedy like a five-star chef with a ladle, we considered those people who rearrange their whole lives to pursue their passion.  And who then share that passion with others. What an amazing thing that is.

This wine represents those who nail it. Something special with a clean edge, a touch of peach, a refreshing pour. Presented to us for review, this lovely beverage is available online for shipping ($32) or in the Passaggio Wine Tasting Room in Sonoma. (One of these days -- we talk about it all the time, but one of these days...)

-- California

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