Passaggio New Generation Unoaked Chardonnay 2009, CaliforniaPassaggio New Generation 2009


Every now and occasionally, Tom and a pack of pals will straddle their motorcycles and go out for dinner. The men stay alert to the cheapest places to eat and on motorcycle evening the group selects a destination, takes a ride, has a bite, and shares many laughs. They are blue collar workers, long-time business owners, and retired philanthropists. They ride Harleys. Tom rides a Russian-made Ural Troyka (sidecar included, I love that thing). As a hard-working man who enjoys a laugh, Tom looks forward to Guy Bike Night. Only serious weather interferes with Guy Bike Night.

Well. Add the arrival of a new vintage of Passaggio to interruptions by inclement weather. So fearful was Tom that I would chill the wine and engage in my own taste testing, gleefully rubbing my hands together as I was, he skipped Guy Bike Night as happy memories of the past vintage roared through his head.

He was not disappointed. As we experienced with the 2008 wine, this production continues delivering crisp, clean, refreshing flavor, continues to be completely and simply delicious. We won't be surprised when this wine wins awards, as the last vintage did.

-- California

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