Passaggio New Generation 2012 Unoaked Chardonnay


Passaggio New Generation 2012 Unoaked ChardonnayJust when you think you know someone so well, having fun together but believing there are no more surprises, that all of the background stories have been told leaving nothing new to reveal, a tidbit of information arrives that is an earth-rattler.

Tom, I've come to learn, was once a part of a band. As in a musical band. Guitars. Drums. Singing!

Oh lord, laughed till I thought I'd faint! So did Tom! Even though he was just in middle school at the time, this was comedy. Even though the band broke up before the following weekend, this was high comedy!

You have to know Tom to know that although he's magically talented in a thousand areas, he's zero-talented when it comes to music. Zero. No ear. No voice. Voilà! "Stop it, Tom!"

The moral of the story is, there's always something new, even when you think all the surprises are gone. There's always something to fill a new page in the story.

This wine? We thought we knew it so well that we could spot it through a straw stretched across a crowded auditorium. But this vintage gave us a little surprise. A hint of strawberry in the introduction, for one thing. A new, bright edge where it had been smooth, making it extra-perfect for enjoying on a warm evening. Full and satisfying. Where once it spoke to us, now it sings. Beautifully!

And although submitted for review, it retails online for $23. Let the music play!

-- California

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