Pam's Un-Oaked 2013 ChardonnayPam's Un-Oaked 2013 Chardonnay


You go into the Big Box Monument To Alcohol and there are so many thousands of bottles of everything that it all blurs into one thing. Nothing pops. Nothing introduces itself. Nothing screams "Pick me!" even though a lot of hard work goes into making certain products shine. There's so much to see, it's hard to see anything.

But we recently walked into the Big Box Monument To Alcohol to gather our current wine favorite and ... well ... I mean that label right there says it all. Hard for that not to pop right off the shelf and into our cart. Pam called to us from the end of the aisle!

"Un-Oaked! See? Un-Oaked! Pick me!"

Turns out, we have a lot in common with Pam. Turns out we all love unoaked Chardonnay! And we liked Pam's wine very much. Very friendly from the first pour. Plenty of fruit, not too mineral, and a low percentage of alcohol, which is kinda nice sometimes. Fourteen dollars, so feel free to share with friends.

-- California

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