Natura Un-Oaked Chardonnay Emiliana 2010, ChileNatura Chardonnay Un-Oaked Emiliana 2010 Organic


There is a restaurant owner who pulls in the driveway and waits while we cut and gather kale from the garden. He serves it in his restaurant, and as it's cut in his presence, he knows where it came from, he knows it's fresh.

A lady from Trinidad stops by for coconuts. Her father has cancer and the fresh coconut water lands right while delivering happy memories from his youth, a comfort.

A family up the road trades their wild fresh honey for some eggs from our hens.

For now, gardening is a relaxing hobby with a deep learning curve. But I can picture Tom in retirement, puttering around the garden all day -- and it would be an award-winning kind of garden because he's that kind of capable.

In the evenings, I'd bring out the tray of munchies and dips, and we'd settle at the corner table under the bougainvillea with a bottle of wine and watch the garden grow. This wine, that we picked up at the supermarket for $11, is brightly flavored, organic(!), and just the right beverage as we watch the shadows lengthen and wonder about nothing in particular.

-- Chile

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