Millbrook 25th Anniversary 2010 Unoaked Chardonnay, New YorkMillbrook 25th Anniversary 2010 Unoaked Chardonnay


First stop on our return from summer vacation was to a friend's home for an overnight, and she texted what she thought might be of interest to us: "Vineyard 10 minutes from my house. They have unoaked Chardonnay." So we immediately made GPS adjustments and texted back, "Meetcha there!"

It had been a long day. We were parched.

The winery already had a tasting in progress and on this day, they weren't tasting an unoaked (drat!), but Tom is willing to try other varieties, our friend is an actual wine connoisseur, so they joined the group while I made purchase of two bottles for a later time, then wandered through the rows of grapevines as the sun was near to setting.

Vineyards are truly beautiful spaces. It's easy to understand why people get caught up in the romance of chucking it all and getting into the grape-growing, wine-making biz.

We think that maybe it isn't that easy (we wonder how many grapes one little ol' deer can eat of a sneaky evening), but appreciate the people who put their time and talent into making it look easy, and ending up with a delicious product, too. Like this wine. Crisp, refreshing, but with a little edge, a bright spirit. It was $16 right there at the winery. Right there! Gorgeous. That was a treat all by itself.

-- New York

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