Mill River Winery Naked Chardonnay 2011, MassachusettsMill River Naked Chardonnay 2011


Excellent timing: this winery learned that we often visit Maine and contacted us to say, "We're right on the way, stop by and visit!"

Unfortunately, their location is not on our usual route when we drive to Maine, but because we were flying to Boston then driving to Maine for a brief visit, the winery was, in fact, on our way. Just a mile or so off of I-95. Easy to find! Hardly any traffic! In Massachusetts! Yea for us!

You travelers and residents need to get there.

These folks have produced a bright, full-flavored Chardonnay, complex and crisp, perfect for happy hour, perfect with dinner, perfect for sharing. Although sometimes a wine is so yummy we're inclined to pull it out after company has gone. This is one of those. (Oh. Like you haven't done the same. Puh-lease!)

We enjoyed a glass at the winery's tasting room, and also picked up a couple of bottles to enjoy during the cool, misty-spring evenings at our summer house. ($19 each; yea for us!)

-- Massachusetts

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