Middle Sister Smarty Pants Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaMiddle Sister Smarty Pants 2010


Tom is not a middle sister and there wasn't a middle sister in his family. I am, as it happens, the middle sister in a family of eight (mostly sisters), also sharing the spot with a middle brother. Any even-numbered family gets two middles, of course.

But I'm the middle sister and maybe a bit of a smarty pants, too. Floating around in the middle of a crowd requires distinguishing one's self. Somehow. Questioning authority, always. Bucking the system, often. Looking for a different path because the one ahead is worn, maybe rutted and so possibly causing the turn of an ankle [eeeek!]. That was my way and sometimes (with a sigh) still is. Oh well!

Youngest son Tom and middle daughter Me really enjoyed this wine. Delicious, gregarious, fruity without drowning the senses. And it bucks the recent trend of ever-increasing amounts of alcohol in wine. It's in the drinker-friendly under-13% range, which we found refreshing. And we bought it for just $10 at our local Big Box Monument To Alcohol (really refreshing)!

As a smarty pants myself, though, I just want to suggest that for the next label printing, right between "California" and "Chardonnay" place the word "Unoaked." Thanks!

-- California

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