Mer Soleil Silver Chardonnay 2009Mer Soleil Silver Chardonnay 2009, California


This was an exciting find. Our local market had cases of this limited edition, ceramic bottled wine, although we can't imagine that they will have them for very long. Just beautiful. Confident of the quality because of previous experience with the label, a whole case fairly flew into our cart, no hesitation.

"What a beautiful presentation. These will make such lovely gifts!" and "Ooooo, there are endless possibilities for the empties which will not be making their way to the recycle bin."

We were excited, you could say. We chilled. We enjoyed. We listened to Bobby Darin ("That's All"). We easily shed ourselves of the worries of the day and appreciated a little quiet after a weekend with the grands ("That's All").

We got this for about $21 (I think, but since we threw the receipt away, no promises) not including a discount for buying a case. Makes it Delicious! and yummy, too. Enjoy!

-- California

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