Marimar Estate Chardonnay Acero 2009, CaliforniaMarimar Estate Chardonnay Acero 2009


Tom and our son are preparing the garden for the next growing season which, for South Florida, begins in September and October. Some beds are currently planted with black eyed peas (good for the soil, good for the body), but the majority of the planters around the yard that we used last season are being reconfigured to accommodate easier maintenance and more variety.

Home gardening, we figure, is always a work in progress. But all the work involved is worth it. Few things are more wonderfully satisfying than selecting the lettuce and spinach and herbs for the salad without making a trip to the store. It is a spectacular thing to grow something and then make that something into the centerpiece of a delicious home cooked meal for the family.

We're suburban-raised, and wouldn't have imagined such activities a decade ago. But our little insight into nature makes us truly appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a great wine. If it makes us delighted to produce the meal that goes on the table, it's hard to fathom the satisfaction wine makers must enjoy when they bring something great to the table.

This wine is something great. Smooth and crisp, floral; really flavorful wine made from organically grown grapes. A pleasure to serve with your dinner, certainly, but also a pleasure to drink while strolling through the garden as the sun sets on your long and fulfilling day. Submitted for review, this delicious wine retails online for about $29, making it a declaration from you, your mate, your friends that says "Well done!."

-- California

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