Lucinda & Millie Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaLucinda & Millie Chardonnay 2010


Maybe you were also attracted to this charming label in your name-brand, nationwide, high end supermarket and wondered, but we went beyond wondering and dove in (we do it for you, folks).

Before continuing our thoughts, though, let's get this part out of the way: there's oak in this wine. That said, as unoaked lovers we can assure other unoaked lovers that the wee 10% of oak barrel fermention is hardly worth mentioning. But it's there -- we didn't taste any oak at all -- but it's there, so now you know.

We think it's delicious and by itself, that's great news. But this is where the product fires up and delights all the active brain cells (drum roll, please)...It's not only delicious, it's also organic!

That's great. We're so happy. Just up the road, a floral, fresh, delicious, organic Chardonnay that brings a smile to the senses. Could a beverage product be any better than that?

Ha! Yes, dear readers! Waaaay better. We bought this on sale for something like a mere ten bucks!

[sigh] Happy.

-- California

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