Luc Pirlet 2009Luc Pirlet Unoaked Chardonnay 2009, France


Comme ci, comme ca

Maybe it's a matter of perception. It's French. It's supposed to be a great wine just because it's French and since we're not (French, that is), we're rolling in stereotypes. But it was merely fine.

There's nothing wrong with fine. It's fine. While we try not to let expectations interfere with reality, we exited this bottle with the sense that something special should have emerged; the sense that we could comfortably serve this to guests, but that we'd better have something exciting to serve on a platter. This didn't lift the spirits, but it didn't fall flat, either. It was fine.

Pretty label. It was gifted to us, so we are only aware that it falls in a medium-modest price range. It was fine. Still, we probably would have preferred to sip a refreshing gin & tonic.

-- France

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