Lioco Chardonnays 2010, CaliforniaLioco 2010


This company is so committed to unoaked Chardonnay that they produce several. We tried three, which combined were -- whachacallit -- a budget buster. (Don't tell Tom. I sure haven't.)

The three shown are from the Anderson (Demuth Vineyard), Sonoma (Hanzell Vineyard) and Russian River Valleys, all in California. They are top end by price, from $34 through $54 at a local wine and spirits shop.

Are you in? The labels are modern (shows you're modern), the prices are high (could say that you're generous), and they are lovely to drink. All combined, these wines demonstrate buyers with good taste.

The Hanzel and Russian River versions were our favorites, both lush and flavorful. The Demuth had a bitter quality on the backside, but it mellowed out soon enough.

So they're quite delicious. We might-would gift one, two or a set to someone we love, but for sitting around the patio of an evening, it has to be said, there are a lot of unoaked Chardonnays out there that don't break the bank. These are for special. Enjoy!

-- California

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