Lincourt Steel Chardonnay 2011


We knew there was trouble at our wine store. As soon as the brand new Big Box Monument To Alcohol opened across the highway, our wine store took to trying things. Suddenly the sales people weren't just friendly. They were chatty, icky-chatty.

"Afternoon! And aren't you just scrumptious today?"

"I'm what...?!"

They moved products around so every visit was like a first visit. Every visit involved a search. Which was complicated by the icky-chat.

"Any new unoaked Chardonnays this week?"

"The color of that blouse really sets off your eyes."


Shelves ever so slowly ... emptied.

It was sad. But the way they responded, it was inevitable. Desperation is never pretty.

The neighborhood loss left us with the Big Box Monument To Alcohol. It's across the highway (a long wait at that light; a long, long wait), and every stop for wine shouldn't necessarily require a trek through a warehouse. Big Box couldn't be our wine shop.

Fortunately, we have a lovely grocery market also across the highway [sigh]. If the roadway is crowded, at least the store clerks care for their customers (smiles sans smarm) and there is a wine steward to guide and answer questions.

So when we said "unoaked," she immediately presented a bottle. "This just came in." (Maybe we should just move our home to this side of the highway...?)

Hers was an excellent suggestion. A graceful label design on the outside, a nice color of the wine within. Crispy fruit taste, a clean, uncomplicated refreshment. And at $16, it lands within an uncomplicated price range, too.

We're going to miss the wine shop on this side of the highway. But the market over there is beautiful, the stock is cared for, they frequently mix new finds in with the standards, and the wine steward already knows what we like. Yes, please!

-- California

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