Layer Cake Virgin Chardonnay 2009Layer Cake Virgin Chardonnay 2009, California

Comme ci, comme ca

We wanted to love this wine. Brand new on the shelves at our local purveyor. A beautiful color and a darling label, sure to attract attention and please those gathered (Tom and I). So certain that it would be a hit come happy hour, we bought two.

Now. We've had odd-flavored wine. We've had harsh wine. We've had cloying sweet wine. And we've truly enjoyed plenty of great wine. But we've never had flat wine.

How does a wine go flat if it never sparkled? It can.

We thought, maybe we ate something weird earlier in the day that messed up our taste buds. It can happen. We guard against it on tasting nights, but it can happen. So we waited a few days, chilled the second bottle, and there it was! Flat. As that homemade pizza in the photo (which was delicious).

About $14 in our local shop. We don't know. Maybe if it's served with a chocolate cake it stands up. Maybe.

-- California

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