Jip Jip Rocks 2010 Unoaked Chardonnay, AustraliaJip Jip Rocks 2010


Tom and I are among those people who got together, and before long were warned that our relationship would fail, our lives would turn to shambles, and that we were too young and stupid to know any better because we hadn't received any meaningful, establishment education. That was more than 38 years ago.

Not that the well-meaning didn't score a few good points, but in the long view, clearly, they were wrong.

Children, grandchildren, a lovely home if you ignore the drab wood decor (one day, we'll paint something). A happy dog, ten happy chickens.

We experience the same blessings and heartache that most people face; the economy is the same drag on us that it is on most people. But we barrel ahead because we started out too young and stupid to know any better, together.

We don't over think trouble. We know there will be good times, then bad, then back to good. We take the time to visit with each other, laugh together, find a common ground when we are at odds. Among other interests, we enjoy our wine hunting hobby (this one is $15 at a Big Box Monument to Alcohol and we thought unusually dry, but nice). We find reasons to be grateful for each other.

-- Australia

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