Henri Perrusset Macon-Villages Chardonnay 2009, French wineHenri Perrusset Macon-Villages Chardonnay 2009


Have we mentioned that we're among the many who have added a chicken coop to the suburban landscape? Like hunting down unoaked Chardonnay wines wasn't hobby enough. Technically, it was our children who brought the young chooks home, but that aside, we enjoy the project.

And it's a project. Because besides all the inevitable mess that accompanies a flock of ten, there is the selection of mulberries and wild coffee berries for them to peck from our hands ("Snack time!"), keeping up with their papaya demands, and don't even get us started on the "project" of collecting beautiful brown, green and blue eggs!

But sitting on the patio steps of a late afternoon, looking over our tropical landscape, enjoying this light, floral wine, while watching the girls pick, scrape and peck about the yard (I could shoot a thousand photos a day!), it is easy to entertain the idea of having a little place somewhere around the Macon-Villages area, having a little garden, raising a few chickens, appreciating the easy access to the local bevvie. (Problem: we don't speak French.)

Instead, to gather this label ($18.50), we journeyed to the fine wine dealer in a nearby town on a crisp, blue day, riding our motorcycle-with-sidecar. The journey to the shop, imagining a quiet life in the French countryside, the relaxation of sipping while watching the chooks? It really was priceless.

-- France

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