Genesis 2010 Chardonnay, WashingtonGenesis 2010 Chardonnay


Perhaps it's come up in reviews past, but except to determine if a wine is unoaked, we try to go into each tasting with as little background about the wine as possible. We just want to drink, get our own impressions and -- fingers crossed -- enjoy.

So Tom drank, enjoyed and proclaimed with a smile, "I taste green apple in this."

Sure enough, the back label mentions green apple, along with ripe pear and peach, although neither of us tasted those fruits.

But we did taste and enjoy a lovely wine (with a hint of apple): crisp, refreshing, delicious!

The receipt seems to have flown from our desk, but I believe we paid about $11 at our high-end, nationwide supermarket. Put it on your summer pool party list, or include as an adult beverage at the next christening, or as an evening's quaff with best buds. Enjoy!

-- Washington

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