Francis Ford Coppola Presents Chardonnay 2009, CaliforniaFrancis Ford Coppola Presents Chardonnay 2009


Lazin' away a little time. Taking the mind to other places. We don't care what the "studies" suggest: daydreaming is a good thing, maybe the best thing, certainly a deliciously human thing. It isn't a "sad" thing. It's the way beautiful homes are designed. It's the path to big ideas. It's the entrance to great change.

Psychologists might do well to sit in our back porch of a moonlit evening and enjoy a lovely beverage. Let the daydreaming begin! Sadness finds no place when there's a chilled bottle of easy drinkin' on the deck and nothing but the breeze to remind us where we are.

Here's some research for those who are curious: on sale, eight bucks at an online retailer (not including shipping, of course). And heck, it's only eleven bucks full price. Dream on, daydreamers.

-- California

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