Flasq 2009, CaliforniaFlasq 2009


Stiltsville is a unique place off the coast of Miami where we often spend time with friends and family. Tom became involved with one of the houses after Hurricane Andrew blew through. As it happens, Tom is a skilled carpenter and after the storm the place, as you might imagine, needed repair. He is now one of the caretakers (as the 'owners' are called) and probably enjoys the place more than anyone ever has or could.

When we found this wine in our local Big Box Monument to Alcohol ($6 per), Stiltsville naturally came to mind. "This has the potential to make the trip!"

Always intrigued by alternative packaging and often disappointed, we were delighted to find the wine within brought a smile to the lips. Not exactly the most interesting wine we've ever sipped, but as a lightweight, quick chill, flavorful option for adult beveraging, these half-size containers deliver.

Now, the advertising implies that one might drink the wine right out of the flask, but you miss the aroma that way. In a pinch, sure, if you have to, but as with any wine, we recommend that you pour it into a glass so you don't miss anything.

(When it's time for wine, you don't want to miss anything, right?)

Warning: This container chills quickly. It also overheats quickly. Take care or you'll turn the contents of your Flasq into ick.

-- California

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