Domaine Begude Le Bel Ange 2010, FranceDomaine Begude Le Bel Ange 2010


When we're traveling, we try to carve out time to find wine shops which might carry labels that otherwise wouldn't be available to us. Little towns and strip malls near the hotels usually have a specialized market or two. Even before pulling off the interstate for gas, we might check with the smartphone navigator to see if there are any shops nearby.

It's amazing the answers we get when we ask that simple question, "Do you have any unoaked Chardonnay?"

This is true: "No. All of our Chardonnays are from California and they don't produce an unoaked."

This is true: "We only have one," (although we can clearly see five on the racks that we know are unoaked because we've already reviewed them).

This is true: "Unoaked Chardonnay? Uh, what's that?"

So it was a relief to walk into a charming shop with a charming shopkeeper who -- if he knew nothing else, at least he knew about unoaked Chardonnay -- offered us this delightful wine to try.

It was delicious! A gentle approach to a crisp edge with a lighter touch of alcohol, and an easy-to-like price at $15. That's all we needed to know!

-- France

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