Diatom Kazaoto 2010, CaliforniaDiatom Kazaoto 2010


On the first crisp day of the season in South Florida, we piled onto and into the motorcycle (with the sidecar, that's piling "into," and with my lack of grace, it's more like blubbing into, not to mention the comedy moment when I disembark). We were off to the other side of town to visit an independent bookstore (Books & Books), to wander the rooms, and rejoice that some retailers provide not only unique, quality products, but also an uplifting experience.

When we left, our thoughts soared to creation, and a couple of those creative ideas might reach the light.

Then we popped into the boutique wine shop, nearby, and found a few selections we hadn't tried before, this being one. Later, we chilled, we enjoyed -- no standout flavors, but it poured with enthusiasm.

Might-would have liked a second bottle, but at $42 -- you read it right -- this was a one-shot deal.

-- California

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