Daniel Gehrs Oak Free Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaDaniel Gehrs Oak Free Chardonnay 2010


We had a yard sale. The closets were purged, the garage was emptied, books and bits and pieces stowed over time for just this purpose were dusted off and maybe given a little polish. We had produce from the garden, eggs from the hens, and our oldest granddaughter set up a coffee station.

We've run this show before. We know how to throw a yard sale.

Business was good and as an extra benefit, rooms were reorganized, closets were made tidy, items were re-purposed and the weight of too much stuff was relieved.

Then we enjoyed a lovely glass of wine. Okay, we enjoyed a bottle+, but when it's this good, darn it, you're practically required to pour again! This wine was such a relaxing treat after the hard work.

At $20 per from the vineyard (not including shipping), worth it!

And then I opened a kitchen drawer, and darn it, there were those orphan pot lids and the parts to a food processor we no longer own. So the accumulation began before it ever really ended. (We'll need  to order some more ...)

-- California

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