Clos LaChance Chardonnay 2010, CaliforniaClos LaChance Chardonnay 2010


What to do, what to do, what to do with the garden. That discussion took up an evening and this bottle of wine. The garden is already planted, but as the season carries on, do we add variety or zero in on the basics -- tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli?

Kale has been happily julienned and added to pasta and stew, so we'll keep that in the beds. But do we really need to plant eggplant? We struggled to use up last year's eggplant. How often did we ever buy eggplant in our pre-gardening years?

Not often. Wait! We bought it often enough to know that we didn't really want to buy it again.

Zero in on what works. That's the way, and that's where we found ourselves at the end of the evening. Simplify.

This wine -- which we loved in another vintage when it was a glittering tongue-twisted name to remember -- is just as fun and bright as ever, with a simple label, simple name, and simply priced at $15 not including shipping.

And then there's the question of the chickens. ("Another bottle, please..."). We definitely need more chickens...

-- California

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