Church Creek Chardonnay Steel 2013Church Creek Chardonnay Steel 2013


This is why smart phones are so useful: we were driving down a country road-highway during our travels from Maine to Florida, avoiding the interstate whenever possible because ... have you seen all those trucks on the interstates? Yikes!

Anyway, the back roads are prettier.

As quickly as we whipped by a sign about a vineyard at the next turn, I had the smart phone out, looked up the vineyard and there it was, a Chardonnay made without oak. We wouldn't have known if it weren't for the smart phone.

By then we'd passed the turn and had to make a you-ee, but it was completely worth it.

We went into the tasting room, we petted the cute pup, chatted with the lovely lady who greeted us, bought two bottles ($17 each) without announcing that it would be reviewed by us, plunked the bottles into the cooler, and were back on our way to yet another Hampton Inn before you could say, "Are those soy beans in that field?"

After finally reaching our Florida destination, hugging our deliriously happy, squirming, smiling Auggie Doggy, sorting a month's worth of mail, putting the pots and pans back where they belong (when people stay in your house, they never put the pots and pans where they belong, why is that?), emptying our suitcases and starting a load of laundry, we sat back, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the smooth, clear, fruit-filled bounty of this wine. Would almost like to make a you-ee and march right back into that tasting room! Next trip.

-- Virginia

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