Chardonnay de la Fruitiere 2009Chardonnay de la Fruitiere 2009, France


Comme ci, comme ca

People? It's going to be a long, hot summer if this nonsense keeps up. Went something like this:

"It is not!"

"It is, too!"

"What the...listen, this does not get a positive review. No way."

"Way! That's my opinion -- it's delicious!"

"Well, you are soooooo wrong."

"My opinion can't be 'wrong.' It's my opinion!"

"Your opinion is wrong."

And then the dog required our attention and she is too cute for words, so we were distracted away from a scene. (We're easily distracted, as it happens.)

So ladies and gentlemen, we have a split decision on this wine. One of us thought it was swell, light and full of bright citrus, while the other thought that the citrus was sour orange mixed up with half the rack from a lumberyard.

We found this in our high-end, nationwide chain supermarket for a low-end $9-ish, $10-ish, something like that. So this is one of those you'll just have to figure out for yourselves because we are at opposite ends of the opinion pole.

("Auggie?! Where's that wittle wovey dog, Auggie! Here's a wittle snackie, she's such a good girl. Who's a good girl?")

-- France

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