Cave de Lugny Macon-Villages 2009, FranceCave de Lugny Macon-Villages 2009


Far too often we find ourselves roaming the wine aisles, hunting for the bottle that says "unoaked" right on the front label or that offers a descriptive history indicating the wine is tree free. And sad to say, far too often we come away disappointed. With luck, however, there might be a Chardonnay label or two in the shop that says "Macon-Villages," because it rarely disappoints for unoaked lovers such as ourselves.

On this shopping trip we didn't even have to look for a "Mae-Kawn" (that's how we say it). The proprietors at our local market were standing in the department and giving out samples. The flavor from the little plastic cup indicated that when properly chilled and put into a stemmed glass, this would be something to pridefully serve to guests (a refreshing pour). Or to give to the host at your next invitation (lovely label). Or to enjoy while poolside with pals (readily available and only $12 bucks-ish retail).

So we bought it, chilled it, and then we chilled. Good to go.

-- France

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