Buzzard Hill Chardonnay 2010, ArgentinaBuzzard Hill 2010


It didn't land in our cart by being pretty, and bringing this bottle to the grandparents or the boss might cause them to look at you sideways. But we're always on the hunt for a new unoaked to bring to the table, and this definitely got our attention.

We just wish we'd been in on the creative meeting for the label. "Say, how about this for an idea? The typeface, the drawing, it just screams fun evening!"

Yes. Absolutely perfect to enjoy during the screaming-scary episodes of American Horror Story. Or at a goth festival (do goths have festivals?). Certainly to contribute to a Halloween gathering with the goth side of the family.

But as it happens, this would be a refreshing bevvie at any table time. It's crispy, flavorful and brought home from the local wine purveyor for about $11.

Dead right: tasty and easy on the wallet, so we will be stashing a few away for the October Season 2 premier of American Horror Story. Delicious!

-- Argentina

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