Buried Cane No Oak Chardonnay 2009Buried Cane No Oak Chardonnay 2009, Washington


Between the two of us we don't personally know anyone named "Middleton," so it isn't a name that comes up in our daily chats. Probably ever. But on this day, we were highly entertained by Middleton people. First, there was waking up very early in the morning to watch a lovely young lady (surname "Middleton") become married to a handsome young man (surname, none required). We (okay, I) reveled in the joyous news of the day, and we (okay, I) delighted that a commoner, who seems to have it all together, was marrying a prince.

That is just so cool!

Then, as the events of the day wound down, this wine arrived, this wine produced by another Middleton family. And the entertainment continued for both of us! Cheers to the happy couple! Us!

Once chilled this was a smooth, but refreshing pour. Satisfying, and with a little something at the edge we couldn't quite pin down. Maybe a hint of allspice? Who knows? We aren't that fine-tuned, just loving what we love. And loving how the flavor starts delicious, then continues to blossom and flourish along the way.

Really good.

Although presented for review, at a comfortable $14 price tag, we could become BFFs with all things Middleton.

-- Washington

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